What to QR?

List (or copy/paste images of)  UO objects, holdings, artworks, locations of historical /notable/notorious events, hidden or archived resources, trees, and other campus phenomena you think would benefit from QR badging. What kind of info would you embed–descriptive text, links, comment-page, survey?

1/Peace Corps exhibit.
1a: comment page/questionnaire for former Peace Corps workers who are now UO faculty, staff, students, alumni, visitors. (Name/optional contact info. Where did you serve? When? Limitations you had to overcome? Most fulfilling project?…)

2/Percent for Art collection
2a: link to Digital Collections image/metadata;
2b: invite artists, art historians, graduate students to write 1-page essays       about some aspect of the artwork;
2c: moderated comments page.

Coburg Hills/I-5, Adam Grosowsky. Oil on canvas 30x65 inches. Knight Library, second floor, top of Solari Stairs. http://oregondigital.org/u?/percent,5179

QR link to Grosowsky image/metadata in Digital Collections













3/QR kiosks & bulletin boards at campus entrances and/or within building entrances linking to departments, programs, resources, researchers, etc.

4/your thoughts here: (i.e., send a comment, it will added to this post)


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