The Arboretum is concerned with inclusively linking technologically-enriched learning networks in place at UO to create a campus-wide environment that fosters deeper learning, persistent learning, interdisciplinary learning, especially at the General Education level. We are members of the University of Oregon academic community; we are interested in working with partners in the greater Oregon educational community.

If we envision UO’s various disciplines as species  of trees–fir, redwood, bigleaf maple, savannah oak–we can visualize how the knowledge manifested by each discipline presents a relatively distinct appearance, in the oxygenated, open  environment where education takes place. We also know, however, that each discipline relies on a far less visible network of knowledge, rooted in their researchers, their expert teachers, and their support staff, as well as in their curricular policies and their best practices. We know they have different mechanisms for nurturing seedlings and managing growth. An arboretum is not a forest, not a haphazard patch of trees: it is a planned community where each member, from seedling to shrub to mature tree, has a place in the ecology for the benefit of all who are there. This, then is our metaphorical rationale for pursuing a a broad, diverse, inclusive and ultimately campus-scaled plan for the next generation of digital learning.

photo credit: Wolfram Burner

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  1. Stephanie Wood says:

    Had a great chat with Deb Carver about this. She supports the pilot project for the Peace Corps exhibit and for the art around the library. Thinking about the latter, those of us who have time might post photos of art that we would like to target. I enjoyed seeing the painting Andrew pointed out. The other painting in that vicinity, of the Coburg Hills/I5, has a story to it, too.

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