ARIS app: Augmented Reality, Interactive Storytelling

Not all the news from Wisconsin is bad. U-Wisconsin’s Games, Learning and Society (GLS) researchers have developed a mobile device authoring environment, ARIS (Augmented Reality and Interactive Storytelling), that they currently deploy to help the UW community to re-experience Dow Day, a famous campus protest from the 1960s. See a video on ARIS development here:

ARIS is available at the Apple Store, and cheat codes are available to adapt it for other games/locales: The ARIS authoring environment allows users to create mobile games, tours and interactive stories through GPS and QR Codes. With ARIS, users are able to create and select audio/video clips, images, etc. to build enhanced tours and/or place-based games to use in their communities—for example, a touring game based on what UO was like for a student in 1915, or a quest to discover (on foot) and describe (online) 12 stylistically different PNW artists represented in UO’s Percent for Art collection.



About roberthilllong

I publish photography, poetry, prose poetry, and flash fiction as Robert Hill Long. I work at the University of Oregon, and can be contacted here: rohilong [at] uoregon [dot] edu.
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